Customer Review Repair

What Are They Hearing About Your Business?

Search results have become the new credit score for consumer trust

Before doing business, most people check you out online. When they see something negative they move on to your competitors. 90% of consumers will read less than 10 reviews before making a decision about whether to use a business’s services or not, meaning you can’t afford for the negative to outweigh the positive.

Good online reputation increase trustworthiness

Always respond. Good or bad, you should be responding to every review left for your business. Remember that the impact goes far beyond how that particular customer feels about you 

While only a handful of customers might leave reviews, dozens or even hundreds are scrolling through the reviews. Not responding to negative reviews sends 2 possible messages:
That you don’t care about your reputation
That you’re trying to hide something

Bad reputation damage can happen at any time

Take a moment to honestly evaluate your business in light of the criticism. Ask yourself: Do I need to fix something here? Is there an air of truth to this? Is it possible that the feedback is legit?

It’s unfortunately not unusual for disgruntled ex-employees or ruthless competitors to post false reviews, too. You may be able to make unfair reviews absolutely disappear. If a review is over-the-top in what they stated, or broke the rules of the review site its possible to have it removed

79% of consumers trust reviews they read online as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.

Identify where your bad reviews are located online. No matter what, always respond. Make sure your voice is heard as an active advocate, not only for your customers but for your business as well but don’t get into the dirty details. Keep your response brief, avoid discussing specifics, and move the conversation offline ASAP. Respond with a sincere apology and a request to get in touch via email or phone. Be sure to include contact info with your response the more specific the better. Make it personal, if you’re going to cut and paste all your responses, you might as well not respond at all. Dissatisfied customers want to know you take their concerns seriously and that you do actually care, and that you’re not just responding for the sake of the review

Dilute negative reviews and never pay for a customer’s bad day again!

We Can Help

Reputation is important. But sometimes no matter what you do an angry ex-employee, or a hard to please customer will try to ruined your online reputation.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Unfortunately, some bad reviews are impossible to remove. Meaning when a potential customer looks you up online and sees this bad review, they’re going to find someone else to spend their money with. Don’t worry, we can help by diluting the bad reviews making them hard to be seen. We can bury the bad reviews and reclaim your brand. Let us design a custom plan that fit your needs. Contact us today to find out how, no obligations. The time is now to fix those bad reviews…

Business News Daily has a very good article called Negative Customer Review? Turn It Into a Positive Opportunity. It has some very good information about actions you should take to fix your bad reviews like Answer quickly with a personalized response, Apologize and empathize, Ask for a second chance, Encourage more reviews.

Click here for full article:

Forbes has an article titled Why Bad Online Customer Reviews Could Be Good For Your Business. Yes, they said good for business. They discuss things like Seeing the positives in the negatives, Get to the bottom of the issue, No excuses, Be positive, and be authentic, The power of a loyal customer base, Negative feedback builds a better business. All good stuff to help you with your reviews.

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